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Experience the Magic of Traditional Cajun Seafood at its Finest and Truest at Juicy

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Much has been said and written about Cajun food. Yet few are fully aware of what makes up an authentic Cajun dish. Consequently, stepping into a Cajun seafood restaurant is not without a degree of hesitance. At Juicy, you can rest your doubts and explore our seafood sensation menu in Kentucky at ease. We bring you a fascinating range of traditional, authentic Cajun delights.

Enjoy More Taste, Less Heat

Juicy chefs are very particular about packing more flavor, less heat – the hallmark of authentic Cajun. It is vital to keep in mind that true Cajun is not exceedingly hot. Therefore, while you enjoy a combo plate of black mussel, snow crab and shrimp at Juicy, you experience a well-balanced sensation of conflicting flavors. Rest assured: you need not worry about noses running and eyes reddening!

Order Gumbo Soup at $5.50

Our gumbo primarily consists of a strong-flavored meat, a thickener and the triad of bell pepper, onions and celery. However, our gumbo soup do not contain tomatoes. More often than not, customers who have come across tomatoes in gumbo betray signs of surprise. It is vital to note that authentic Cajun gumbo does not consist of tomatoes. Juicy is very particular about it.

The Best Lobster Tails in Town

Cajun cooking might be tempting. Frequently, chefs go overboard while preparing Cajun seasoning. Consider, for instance, lobster tails. The epic look of the dish might not betray the need for moderation. Juicy chefs make sure that the lobster tails are not overly pampered with ingredients.

At Juicy, you get to have the finest lobster tails in Bowling Green. Lobster has a distinctive flavor. It is vital not to override its taste by heaping a load of Cajun ingredients. Moderation is the key.

Get your Hands Dirty with Juicy Black Mussels

Black mussels might be too daunting at first sight. However, Juicy chefs are adept at spinning challenges into opportunities. Our black mussels make for a memorable experience of Cajun seafood in Bowling Green. There is a set of steps we follow while cooking black mussels.

Juicy chefs ensure that aromatics and herbs are not added during the cooking process. Our chefs prefer not adding too much liquid to the broth. Importantly, we add the cooking liquid before adding the mussels. The mussels should go in last. We ensure to throw out any mussel that remains closed after cooking. .