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Order your Favorite Juicy Delight from the Comfort of your Home

order seafood online Bowling Green

You can enjoy the best of Juicy while watching your favorite show at home. Order seafood online in Bowling Green and recreate the ideal Juicy experience on your couch. You needn’t worry about missing the Juicy twist with every bite of lobster tail or snow crab if you can’t make it to our restaurant. Our expert chefs will bring you the magic of Juicy to wherever you are.

Enjoy Lunch at Home with Juicy’s Fried Shrimp Basket

Juicy brings you the finest fried shrimp baskets in town. A spine-tingling blend of Cajun seasoning adds a remarkable twist to every bite you take. The seasoning primarily includes salt, cayenne, garlic, onion, black pepper, paprika, oregano, thyme and, of course, Juicy’s secret ingredient.

The exotic flavorings make for an enriching and delightful experience – just the way you want at home. Our fired shrimp basket comes at very reasonable price too.

Dig into our Fat Seafood Combo on your Dinner Table

Our Make-Your-Own seafood covers a wide range of delicacies, keeping in mind the preferences of our customers. From blue crab and crawfish to shrimp and clams, you name it and we got it.

Each of our combo meal comes with corn and potato. You can rely on Juicy to make your weekend with your loved ones extra special, and yet without giving the Juicy experience a miss.

Take a Bite of Onion Rings while Watching your Kids Play

Home is where the world is. Juicy brings you the finest onion rings in town at your doorstep so that you don’t miss the special moments of your life while whetting your appetite at our restaurant.

The specialty of Juicy onion rings lies in the seasoning. We don’t prefer Cajun seasoning such garlic powder, or dried parsley for our onion rings. Our chefs pay special attention to bringing out just the right notes. Therefore, we have come increasingly to rely on cayenne pepper for a touch of heat.

Order the Tastiest Dungeness Crab in Bowling Green

Juicy’s is arguably the finest Dungeness crab in Bowling Green. Now, sitting cross-legged on your couch, you can experience the sweet, mild and delicately nutty tones of Dungeness crabs of Juicy.

The sweet aftertaste and the melting sensation on the tongue make for a memorable Dungeness experience, just the way you would prefer it at home. Add to that the Juicy twist in every bite.